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Are You Using Firm Vision?

Posted By AIMS Society, Monday, March 30, 2020

Are You Using Firm Vision?

We live in a world of uncertainty, which makes it difficult to predict what’s going to happen next. That uncertainty can put us on the defensive — putting out fires to make it through the day. It’s not a pleasant feeling.


Instead of working to move forward, we get stuck on a never-ending hamster wheel.


If reading this made you think, “Oh, my gosh, that’s totally me,” it’s time to take a step back and read your company vision.


If you just thought, “I don’t have the time to do that! Jerry just sent me 10 emails that are all marked urgent. How can they all possibly be urgent, Jerry?” then you need to keep reading.

What’s the Point of a Vision Statement?

Businessman extraordinaire
Peter Drucker once said, "If you want to control the future, then create it!" That's exactly what a vision statement helps you do. Your firm's vision statement should:

  • Be strategic in nature.

  • Be inspirational. It should help employees know what they're working toward and that what they are doing matters — because it does.

  • Communicate what makes your organization unique or different from competitors. 

  • Help guide your firm through changing times. Even when things are crazy, the mission statement is there to help you make tough decisions.

4 Ways to Use Your Vision Statement Effectively

  1. Prioritize. When you become overwhelmed with projects or need to make budget decisions, go back to your vision statement. Which project will bring you the closest to reaching your mission? Pick that one!

  2. Define missions. A vision can have several mission statements associated with it. Mission statements share what a specific department needs to achieve to reach a company's vision. Use mission statements to help everyone (no matter the department) understand what they can do to reach the vision.

  3. Communicate.  Share your vision with customers, and spread the word about your organization's commitment to social responsibility. They'll think it's pretty cool!

  4. Motivate. Remember Jerry? How many emails can Jerry possibly send in a day? Too many. It's demotivating. But when you're feeling frustrated, stop and take a look at the company vision statement. Today's small frustrations are just a bump in the road to what you're achieving. Keep going! You can do it!

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