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The AIMS Society blog is designed to provide practical, timely ideas to help insurance agencies improve results from their marketing and sales efforts. Wishing you much success!!! For even more, consider joining the AIMS Society and you'll have access to a powerful network of agents and carrier personnel focused on excellence in sales!


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Why You Should Incorporate 'Giving Back' into Your Marketing Strategy

Posted By AIMS Society, Thursday, March 2, 2017

Why You Should Incorporate 'Giving Back' into Your Marketing Strategy

You may see marketing through a financial lens, but have you considered taking a humanitarian approach?

Caused-based marketing and making charitable giving part of your strategic plan is a great way to support the local community, give back to those in need and build better relationships. Not only will you feel good for doing it, but being a socially conscious agency can help improve your marketing and sales efforts. (AIMS Society Quik Sales Tip No. 12, "Give More, Get More: The Sales Benefit of Philanthropy).

Not only will companies who support local organizations boost morale among employees, but they will attract more of today's customers. Studies show that consumers want to support organizations who give back, especially if it's to a cause they care about as well. When your agency is vocal about its values and shows that it's helping those in need, you'll make current customers more loyal and earn respect form new ones. Plus, you'll break yourself apart form the competition who may not be as charity-focused along the way.

When you connect with companies who share the same core beliefs, your reputation will elevate and you'll earn respect. People will know you're committed to social responsibility, and you can experience big rewards as a result.

Helping a nonprofit or charity with an event can often mean free marketing for your company. Whether it's on the posters around town, t-shirts handed out at the event or included in social media posts, your agency's name will get some exposure.

It doesn't have to be big: You can volunteer at the local children's hospital for an afternoon, host a canned food drive at the office or donate to a local nonprofit. At the end of the day giving back will simply make you feel good — and you will likely see more sales as a result.


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FREE Attendance at 2017 PRO-to-PRO

Posted By AIMS Society, Tuesday, January 24, 2017

How to Get it PLUS a Designation!

Free attendance for the 2017 PRO-to-PRO? How can that be? Actually, it's quite the deal.

If you come to Celebration, Florida just two days early, you can earn your CPIA designation and then stay through the end of the week for the PRO-to-PRO Retreat — free,

Yes, you read that right: Anyone who signs up for the CPIA seminars February 7-9, 2017 and stays at the Bohemian Hotel Celebration in our event's block of rooms will have their PRO-to-PRO attendance fee waived; that's how dedicated we are to making your time in Celebration even more worthwhile. 

You're committed to only one trip (to a pretty awesome location, particularly in the middle of winter), but will reap multiple benefits, including the only focused sales and marketing designation in the insurance industry, as well as interaction with some of the smartest minds in the industry.

Here's the itinerary:

February 7 — Position for Success (CPIA 1) — Facilitator: John Fear

February 8 — Implement for Success (CPIA 2) — Facilitator: Becky Lathrop

February 9 — Sustain Success (CPIA 3) — Facilitator: Ed Lamont

February 9-10 AIMS Society PRO-to-PRO Retreat

February 11 Optional golf outing

Of course, we welcome everyone for any portion of the week, but would love to send you home with both the CPIA Designation and the PRO-to-PRO experience. It's not too late to register, either, and we're eager to answer any questions you might have in advance of signing up. Just contact Donna Gray at Hurry! The cut-off date for the discounted block of rooms ends January 26th!  

Check out all the details of the 2017 PRO-to-PRO agenda, read more about the benefits of the CPIA Designation, and sign up today! We look forward to seeing you in Celebration!



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Burnt Out? We Can Help You Recharge.

Posted By AIMS Society, Thursday, November 17, 2016

In the flood of appointments, meetings and assignments, it's easy to lose sight of the importance of your job. This can be particularly true for those in the insurance industry, because much of the commentary and news articles you see focus on the cost of premiums, the regulations and market segment challenges. Add to that the identity crisis that our industry seems to be facing, and it can be downright discouraging to proudly declare "I'm in insurance" when someone asks what you do for a living. After all, a recent report by PWC, Top Insurance Industry Issues in 2016, declares that "insurance ranks near the top of the list of least-desirable industries according to recent graduates. The image of the industry is that it is generally behind the times and offers little in terms of career development."

Yet that image is certainly counter to the experience of so many others out there, hopefully including you. Quite simply, this negative image is one of the biggest things AIMS is trying to wipe out, not only for the public at large, but also for those of us within the industry who could use a boost of enthusiasm and positivity.

We feel so strongly about an industry image makeover that our affirmed vision is:

The AIMS Society strives to elevate the insurance profession.

And our mission states:

We inspire passion for insurance marketing and sales by supporting professional and personal development with education and collaboration that challenges, demands accountability and delivers actionable information.

How are we doing against these goals? Well, if you consider our CPIA program and recent designee comments, pretty good. In fact, after recently earning his own designation, Andrew Seils, CPIA, who works at Dave Mosher & Associates Insurance in Wisconsin said, "I am very proud to have the CPIA designation. The classes for the designation showed some insight into social media networking, as well as some other tried and true methods." But perhaps most importantly, he added, "It also helped me understand more about insurance and the impact it has in our neighborhoods. This is a great designation that anyone can benefit from."

We're thrilled to get such tremendous feedback. When professional development courses provide attendees with actionable, real-life knowledge — which is definitely something we tout at AIMS — but also leave individuals with a new sense of pride and understanding of our industry's importance and role in the world, that's the very best combination of all. There's nothing quite like getting away form the job for a day, recharging and returning home excited and ready to take on any challenges.

Want to boost your own career and attitude? Please join us at any one of the upcoming CPIA designation classes! To learn more or schedule a session, just visit


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What the Million Dollar Pros Know

Posted By AIMS Society, Tuesday, November 15, 2016

We know a guy who built an agency from scratch.  He started with an office in the back seat of a borrowed car.  He eventually built it to a $3.5 million revenue shop without borrowing a dime or completing an acquisition. In 2007, his agency was sold to HUB International.

Today, he manages 38 agents across the country, who last year produced $26 million in commission.  Six of his producers post over $1 million in commission income.  In addition, since becoming chief sales officer, he has taken between 15-30 percent of his sales force to the Sharp Awards, which is HUB International's annual sales achievement recognition.  In order to qualify for this award, agents must write a minimum of $200,000 in new commission income that year.


Think he might have some interesting stories?  Think you could benefit from his insight?

We're excited to have Dennis Templeton at the 2017 PRO-to-PRO in Orlando February 9-10.  He's an AIMS Society past president, past board member and CPIA life member, and on Thursday afternoon, he'll be sharing his high-energy presentation, "The Winner's Playbook."

What can you expect?  Not theory, but real world ideas you can actually use.  In fact, Dennis is going to share his own complete, proven blueprint for building a sales program.  You'll learn:

  • the routine that can help you win consistently
  • how to "sell without quoting"
  • "The 10 best" that lead to a high-performing sales organization

As Dennis explains, "Understanding this is a mental game - and if you are willing to open your mind and change the way you think - there is not limit to what you can do in our business.  And it starts with your own belief system in yourself!"  He also gives some of his own credit to AIMS saying, "Early on, I got involved with the CPIA / AIMS Society to maximize my sales knowledge and use it in the growth of the agency."  Looks like it worked. Ready to put AIMS to work for you?

Register today!

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Posted By Administration, Wednesday, May 20, 2015


It never fails; a couple decides to sell their home and a whirlwind of repairs ensue. That creaky step fixed, broken spout replaced and ding in the wall smoothed over. The home looks better than it has for decades—so some other family can enjoy it.

Why not get your agency ready for sale?

Not to actually sell it, but to make it the standout firm you know it can be.

Sellability, a company which analyzes businesses and what makes them worth more than others, has created 10 Things That Make Your Business More Valuable Than That of Your Peers. As I reviewed their list, it seemed many of their “home improvements” should be standard agency upgrades that need to be in place now, not as owners are headed out the door.

1.  Recurring Revenue—a loyal client base that allows you to weather rough patches. And enough in number that if one leaves, it isn’t catastrophic.

2.  Something Different—what do you do better than anyone else? If you don’t know, identify it. If you can’t identify it, it’s time to create it.

3.  Growth—an obvious necessity.

4.  Caché—are you held up as an example in the industry? Are people talking about what you do?

5.  Location—both the sales region covered as well as the physical location and atmosphere of your offices.

6.  Diversity—it matters, particularly to Millennials and younger.

7.  Predictability—do you have a sales process and an understanding of conversion rates and customer roadblocks? Do you have a process for uncovering that next customer?

8.  Clean Books—no explanation required.

9.  A defined perpetuation plan—who’s in charge tomorrow?

10. Happy customers—find out what they want…and deliver.


Don’t wait for a sale pending sign. Make the changes that not only make your agency more valuable, but more enjoyable for you—today.

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