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Leverage the Power of Simplicity

Posted By AIMS Society, Friday, September 6, 2019


Leverage the Power of Simplicity

In 1976, Steve Jobs co-founded Apple in the garage of his childhood home in Los Altos, California. Nine years later, he left Apple, only to return in 1997, helping the information technology company recover from "near death."

In his book, Insanely Simple: The Obsession That Drives Apple's Success, Ken Segall says this amaging recovery was possible thanks to Steve Jobs’s obsession with simplicity.

“Simplicity is what drives Apple to create what it creates and behave as it behaves,” writes Segall. “It’s Apple’s devotion to simplicity that forms an unbreakable connection with its customers and inspires customers to evangelize to colleagues, friends and family.”

This fascination with simplicity led Apple to “perform better and faster.” And Segall suggests that, with simplicity as a guiding light, any business can meet its goals as well as achieve impressive results. Below are several principles required to harness the power of simplicity.

Think Brutal
Be completely honest and ask others to do the same. Honesty needs to be the basis of all interactions to avoid wasting valuable energy. This will lead people to become more focused, positive and productive.

Think Small
Believe in the power of “small groups of smart people.” This raises morale and productivity. Segall insists that thinking small revolves around the idea that “a smaller group is more focused and motivated than a large group, and smarter people will do higher quality work.”

Think Motion
Beware of easy deadlines. “It’s just a fact of life that a degree of pressure keeps things moving ahead with purpose,” writes Segall. As a result, ensure that all tasks are constantly moving forward.

Think Iconic
Always use a simple, powerful image to symbolize the benefits of your products and services. Develop an image that is a basic distillate of your idea. Keep in mind that memorable images tend to be more effective than words.

Think Human
Connect with humans by speaking in a human way. Writes Segall: “Unless you’re in the business of sterilizing things, business is no place to be sterile … Look beyond numbers and spreadsheets, and allow your heart to have a say in the matter.”

According to Segall, companies and individuals that leverage the power of simplicity will improve the way their business works, stand out from competitors, and achieve success.

“Simplicity is a concept more than any one thing,” he explains. “It’s a way of looking at every part of your job, the jobs of those around you, and the way your entire company operates. It will be a challenge because you live and work in a complicated world. But it will be fruitful for the very same reason.”

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