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The AIMS Society blog is designed to provide practical, timely ideas to help insurance agencies improve results from their marketing and sales efforts. Wishing you much success!!! For even more, consider joining the AIMS Society and you'll have access to a powerful network of agents and carrier personnel focused on excellence in sales!


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How to Create a Collaborative Work Space

Posted By AIMS Society, Friday, March 10, 2017

How to Create a Collaborative Work Space

Take a look around. Do you feel empowered, motivated and encouraged to work? Chances are high that your workplace could use an upgrade.

Considering the fact that employees spend at least 40 hours every week in the office at their desk, it's clear that the work environment affects overall satisfaction in work and an attitude towards life. The space around you influences your productivity, creativity and mood — all of which are essential to employee engagement and efficiency.

It's simple: "How you design your office matters." And creating a culture and environment that embrace flexibility and collaboration will boost your bottom line. So, what can you do to create a collaborative and engaging work space?

  1. Natural light. Studies show that an employee's exposure to daylight can boost sleep and quality of life. Windowless cubicles can be a detriment to how you perform.
  2. Color. Find a balance between mundane and bright when you're looking at wall and furniture color. Choose décor wisely and design based on a space's function.
  3. Open vs. closed spaces. The office needs  to enable employees to make their own decisions when it comes to how and where they want to work. This can mean designating more "social spaces" or placing larger all-purpose tables in exposed areas.
  4. Rest and recharge area. Everyone needs a break between tasks, so why not have a closet full of board games, comfortable chairs or an outdoor patio? These will allow employees to recharge and de-stress when they need it most.

You can talk about your office culture to prospective employees and on paper, but at the end of the day, you need a space that people want to come to — a space that employees genuinely want to work in. The good news is that changes don't have to be big. You can make significant improvements on a budget — just think outside of the box.


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Why You Should Incorporate 'Giving Back' into Your Marketing Strategy

Posted By AIMS Society, Thursday, March 2, 2017

Why You Should Incorporate 'Giving Back' into Your Marketing Strategy

You may see marketing through a financial lens, but have you considered taking a humanitarian approach?

Caused-based marketing and making charitable giving part of your strategic plan is a great way to support the local community, give back to those in need and build better relationships. Not only will you feel good for doing it, but being a socially conscious agency can help improve your marketing and sales efforts. (AIMS Society Quik Sales Tip No. 12, "Give More, Get More: The Sales Benefit of Philanthropy).

Not only will companies who support local organizations boost morale among employees, but they will attract more of today's customers. Studies show that consumers want to support organizations who give back, especially if it's to a cause they care about as well. When your agency is vocal about its values and shows that it's helping those in need, you'll make current customers more loyal and earn respect form new ones. Plus, you'll break yourself apart form the competition who may not be as charity-focused along the way.

When you connect with companies who share the same core beliefs, your reputation will elevate and you'll earn respect. People will know you're committed to social responsibility, and you can experience big rewards as a result.

Helping a nonprofit or charity with an event can often mean free marketing for your company. Whether it's on the posters around town, t-shirts handed out at the event or included in social media posts, your agency's name will get some exposure.

It doesn't have to be big: You can volunteer at the local children's hospital for an afternoon, host a canned food drive at the office or donate to a local nonprofit. At the end of the day giving back will simply make you feel good — and you will likely see more sales as a result.


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Posted By AIMS Society, Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Here’s Something You Already Knew — but What Are We Going to Do About It?

The insurance industry, and independent insurance agents in particular, are struggling to keep and retain talent.

That’s hardly new news. Yet it’s the same news the industry has been sharing for literally more than a decade. I know it. You know it. Everyone knows it.

So are we simply going to accept our fate and continue to nod our heads in surrender? Not if those who attended the recent PRO-to-PRO executive retreat in Celebration, Florida, have anything to say about it. In fact, as part of our discussion and review of AIMS activities, we came to resounding agreement that we want to actively work in the coming year toward making our publicly stated vision a reality: “The AIMS Society strives to elevate the insurance profession.” (After all, an elevated profession is an attractive profession).

And just how do we intend to accomplish that? By “inspiring passion for insurance marketing and sales by supporting professional and personal development with education and collaboration that challenges, demands accountability and delivers actionable information.”

As we said during our time together in Florida, we want to make insurance “cool,” for lack of a better word, and we’re excited to share our passion about an industry we all know makes a true difference in the world. Reiterated during our meeting, there are few other industries that can make such a direct impact on an individual’s security or help people and businesses return to a sense of normalcy following a loss. That’s a pretty noble calling.

So, here’s what we’re hoping: that you want to share the positives of our profession and you want to change the trajectory of our talent shortage. Change will only come if we all actively engage to promote and educate both inside and outside the insurance industry. We’re excited about the possibilities. We’re excited to create change through AIMS.

If you’d like to join us, we sincerely hope you’ll consider a position on the board or offer your involvement in other ways. If you’re ready today or you have questions about how you can help, contact Donna Gray at the AIMS Society at If you need a bit more detail before committing, keep an eye out for some updates and invitations over the next few months. We’re ready to engage and can’t wait to hear your ideas and benefit from your unique talents. Let’s work together to make some exciting news!


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FREE Attendance at 2017 PRO-to-PRO

Posted By AIMS Society, Tuesday, January 24, 2017

How to Get it PLUS a Designation!

Free attendance for the 2017 PRO-to-PRO? How can that be? Actually, it's quite the deal.

If you come to Celebration, Florida just two days early, you can earn your CPIA designation and then stay through the end of the week for the PRO-to-PRO Retreat — free,

Yes, you read that right: Anyone who signs up for the CPIA seminars February 7-9, 2017 and stays at the Bohemian Hotel Celebration in our event's block of rooms will have their PRO-to-PRO attendance fee waived; that's how dedicated we are to making your time in Celebration even more worthwhile. 

You're committed to only one trip (to a pretty awesome location, particularly in the middle of winter), but will reap multiple benefits, including the only focused sales and marketing designation in the insurance industry, as well as interaction with some of the smartest minds in the industry.

Here's the itinerary:

February 7 — Position for Success (CPIA 1) — Facilitator: John Fear

February 8 — Implement for Success (CPIA 2) — Facilitator: Becky Lathrop

February 9 — Sustain Success (CPIA 3) — Facilitator: Ed Lamont

February 9-10 AIMS Society PRO-to-PRO Retreat

February 11 Optional golf outing

Of course, we welcome everyone for any portion of the week, but would love to send you home with both the CPIA Designation and the PRO-to-PRO experience. It's not too late to register, either, and we're eager to answer any questions you might have in advance of signing up. Just contact Donna Gray at Hurry! The cut-off date for the discounted block of rooms ends January 26th!  

Check out all the details of the 2017 PRO-to-PRO agenda, read more about the benefits of the CPIA Designation, and sign up today! We look forward to seeing you in Celebration!



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Come See John Fear and Be Brilliant!

Posted By AIMS Society, Wednesday, January 11, 2017

PRO-to-PRO Registration Open through January 18

John Fear

Alone we are smart. Together we are brilliant. 
What a great sentiment from educator Steven W. Anderson — one we believe captures the power of collaboration found each year at the AIMS Society's PRO-to-PRO.

We think you'll feel particularly brilliant while collaborating at this year's PRO-to-PRO executive retreat. One of our presenters and collaborators will be John Fear, whose resume is impressive:

  • He has worked in the insurance industry for more than 20 years in the areas of life & annuity, small commercial, boiler & machinery, field operations, process engineering and personal insurance.
  • As national director of agency development at Travelers, John has conducted nearly 100 workshops for agency owners and principals (with 1,500+ attendees).
  • He also developed and facilitated more than 60 sales training sessions throughout the country for more than 2,000 producers and CSRs. He has consulted with dozens of agents across the country, focusing on improving sales and maximizing operational efficiencies.

As a featured presenter at several national sales meetings for major insurance companies and independent agency organizations, his focus is on real life solutions to help agents incorporate sound business principles into everyday operations. We're not talking "theory"; we're talking ideas you can actually use!

Of course, John is just one speaker in a line-up of tremendous presenters and facilitators planned for our event. We hope you'll review the entire 2017 PRO-to-PRO agenda and will register today. We're even honoring "Early Bird" registration through January 18, and it's definitely not too late.

Come see us in Celebration, Florida, and go home brilliant!


Tags:  Agency Management  agency value  AIMS Society  business value  CPIA designation  efficiency  Insurance Education  insurance marketing and sales  Leadership  Networking  productivity  Professional Development  PRO-to-PRO  self-improvement  Social Media  teamwork  Technology  time management 

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